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At McDonald’s Collision Repair, we are happy to handle your Insurance Claim on your damaged vehicle.  There is no need to shop around for estimates when the insurance company has already written one for you.  Just ask them to set up a car rental reservation for you and bring the vehicle and the insurance estimate to us.  We will call the car rental company and have them pick you up at our facility and take you to your rental.

We will use your insurance company’s estimate as a guideline for repairs, understanding that during their inspection they can only see ‘obvious’ damage and may miss some hidden damage.  When the vehicle is disassembled, we will contact the insurance company directly concerning any additional repairs (supplemental damage) that we may find.  We will work closely with them to see that your vehicle is returned to a safe, pre-accident condition for you.  You will never owe any additional monies for these accident related supplemental repairs.

When your repairs are complete, we will contact you at the phone number you have left for us.  You should then take the rental vehicle back to the rental facility and they will bring you to us to pick up your car.  Remember to bring any checks the insurance company has issued with you, along with any deductible you may owe.  No need to go to the bank; you can simply sign the insurance check over to us.

Remember, there is no need to feel intimidated by the insurance company or by the process.  In the state of Georgia, it is your choice who repairs your vehicle. We work with all insurance companies and will be happy to assist you.


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